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Paloalto [Cheers] 9/23 발매!

1. Forrest Gump (feat. Mayson The Soul)
2. Good Times (feat. Babylon)
3. Reality Bites (feat. Huckleberry P)
4. 감기 5. 발자국


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Do not edit. | @libbiegraphy

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Do not edit. | @libbiegraphy

Do not edit. | @libbiegraphy

Do not edit. | @libbiegraphy

Do not edit. | @libbiegraphy

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FY-HILITE is not affiliated with HI-LITE RECORDS or any of the members in any way. I don’t own any of the material posted on this site unless stated otherwise.

▪ Credits for the pictures goes to kicknsnap, etchforte, etc. [@kicknsnap]
Also, please don't edit any posted pictures!

▪ If you have any questions about the merchandise, please write a e-mail to hilifeseoul@gmail.com.

Where do you get your images,information,etc?

I get everything from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, kicknsnap, etchforte, naver and random websites. Google is not included. I always credit the pictures.

Can you give me the download link to - ?
I will not share free download links. Please support them by buying it.
Here is a list where you can buy it (Online/CD).

▪ Itunes
▪ Melon
▪ Bugs
▪ Mnet
▪ Ole
▪ Naver
▪ Soribada
▪ Yesasia (CD)
▪ Ebay (CD)
▪ kpopplus (CD)
▪ hiphopplaya (CD)

Did you make the theme,banner,sidebar,etc?
I'm not a theme maker, but I know how to work with HTML and Photoshop since few years.

Who runs this blog?

You can find me on Tumblr @69yen.

↳ HI-LITE RECORDS is a music label since 2010.

Paloalto who was formerly under Jungle Entertainment is the CEO and also the founder of HI-LITE RECORDS since 2010. HI-LITE RECORDS has 14 members +/- manager, staff etc.

↳ In 2013 on Hiphopplaya Awards 2013 show, they won in the category Album of the Year - HI-LIFE at first place. They also won at the first place in the category for Label of the Year.

↳ New members;
06/24/2014 - Camo Starr.
09/12/2014 Kid Ash (KeithApe).